Well, it's true, at least for me it is since I'm in America. Anyways, this summer I'm definetly going to work on my art skills, catch up on character articles, and get organized. I think that it would be great to acomplish these goals because, I never set any goals.

Comic Update

As for my comic, that too I'm trying to get out to everyone. The problem is, I can't get enough time to create more templates for the pages.Trust me, once I'm done making templates, comics will fly right out the scanner.


Requests I will ONLY take...on my DeviantART page, unless it's a logo picture.The reason for it is I don't want to get slammed with requests like I used to, I'm not as magical as Sonicsmansion97.


Another problem this summer is, I can't get alot of uploading done. I have to go to France for 2-3 weeks. I'll make sure I keep in contact but, it may be hard to because I don't just stay in Paris, I go to Goran' which is a country-like place with no wifi in the house I rent.

What are You Doing This Summer?

So...What are you going to do this summer? Well you can post that in the comments section.I hope you do something amazing!

Anyways. this has been Markakramgirgis with another blog post.