Mark the Hedgehog's Original Picture.




Katherine Girgis the Hedgehog(Sister)


Mark Mark the Hedgehog

That kid

Brown Haired guy Marky


Fur: Brown Eyes:Brown Skin:Peach/apricott

Year of Creation

Original Design: 2008

Second Design: 2011

Mark the hedgehog is an anthropomorphic hedgehog who chooses to do only good actions.not only for himself but for others around him.

He most of the time,wears his red coat.His full name is Mark Girgis.He has brown fur,white gloves,and red shoes.(and mostly a red coat)His hair resembles sonic the hedgehog's(all except for the three hairs shooting out of the front).Marks age is 12 he is also related to Katherine Girgis the Hedgehog.Mark lives is Windy Village.A town located north of Windy Valley.


Mark is not a very strong hedgehog but does still have enough to defend himself (and others if needed). His specialty is fighting with his fists. He has an ability that lets him gain power when someone else is with him. This allows him to become slightly stronger swiftly defeating enemies. He can use chaos control as well as duel chaos control.He can turn into his super form(and possibly other forms) by using 7 chaos emeralds.


Mark has a positive attitude.he stands up for what he belives in.He is sort of naive but can be rough if he needs to.He is open to others ideas will save the world no matter what the cause.

Super FormsEdit

Mark only has one super form being Super Mark.When
Mark (Super Form)

Super Mark picture by Sonicsmansion97


Super Mark drawing(With no eye color)

he is in his super form he turns ice blue,his hair shifts upwards,and his eyes turn purple.He can obtain this form when all 7 chaos emeralds are in his possesion.When he is in this form he can fly,he's invicible,and can breath under water.On top of those abilities he has in battle moves which are:Beams of light,Bulldoze Beam,Ring Shot,Ice Floor(due to color),and Head Shot.

Theme SongsEdit

Currently Mark the Hedgehog has one theme song.

Shrek The Third soundtrack 10

Shrek The Third soundtrack 10. Eels - Losing Streak


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